Camping In Iceland: The Ultimate Campervan Rental Guide

Morning light dapples your face, fresh Icelandic air fills your lungs, morning coffee steams on a small stove, and only the roads and mountains stretch before you. Sounds enticing, right?

If you’re thinking of visiting Iceland, it’s probably because you’re curious to see flowing fjords, glistening waterfalls and the sheer scale of Icelandic natural beauty. Well, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in Iceland’s rolling landscapes than hiring a campervan.

With a campervan, you can tour the land of Fire & Ice at your own pace, create your own itinerary and sleep easy in the comfort of your own motorhome or roof tent. It’s the flexibility and rawness of camping without the fuss, fear and hassle of a traditional tent. 

Before you get yourself a campervan, you’ll want to check out our complete guide and bookmark it for future reading. Fasten your seatbelt. Here’s everything we’ll drive through:

What’s in this guide: