Ten of the Best Geothermal Heated Baths to Visit in Iceland – Any Time of Year

Enjoying the many health benefits of bathing in geothermal waters is an Icelandic tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. 

Thanks to Iceland’s unique geography and high volcanic activity, natural hot springs and pools are abundant across the country. As a result, you can indulge in this local pastime all year round.

Most Icelanders now opt for one of the many man-made geothermal pools, lagoons, or spas. These still use naturally heated water sources to harness the mineral-rich benefits but channel them into artificial structures so the temperature can be safely regulated – typically 36°–40°C (97°–104°F).

They also provide a range of facilities to make the experience more comfortable and, in some cases, highly luxurious!

In this article, we look at ten of Iceland’s best geothermal bathing pools for you to enjoy during your stay.